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Our Ponies



Lemmy is a 40" Shetland Pony. He loves his cuddles and dressing up. He is palamino and white in colour and 7 years old. His favourite foods are carrots and apples. He dislikes keeping clean and loves to role in the mud. He is probably the cheeky one of the pair.


He has a strong friendship with Sandy as they have been together for a long time, and you can often see them huddled together in their field, or rubbing noses and cuddling.



Sandy is a tiny 32" Shetland Pony. She is a therapy and tiny tots party pony. Her colour is skewbald (brown and white) and is 15 years old. She loves being pampered and groomed. Her favourite foods are apples and the odd Polo. 


She is a very loving pony and loves companionship, whether with other horses or being around people. When she is out walking she draws a lot of attention from walkers with their dogs and from passing motorists. Maybe this is why she likes to be the centre of attention.



Snowy is a lovely Welsh pony who is very gentle. She is a grey white mare who is 14 years old and is 11. 2 hands high. She loves being ridden and enjoys lots of cuddles and eating her food and treats, her favourite being biscuits.


Her worst nightmare is having a bath with cold water. After her bath the first thing she does is role around in the field, getting dirty again.


Lily  was a surprise for all of us when we found out that Sandy was pregnant. She is very cheeky and inquisitive, and is always nibbling things to test them out. She wll be trained as a therapy and party pony just like her mom. She is a lovely addition to the team and is loved by us all.







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